How AI is Keeping Us Well – Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Health Industry

Artificial intelligence is impacting all areas of our life. It is suggesting what accessories you want with your purchase, what books you might be interested in reading along with the one you’ve just ordered. It is taking details of your request and answering your questions. It is diagnosing your diabetic retinopathy, and it is working in the background analysing large volumes of data looking for trends and patterns.

These patterns, once linked, could be applied in a healthcare setting, which given the right algorithms, technological breakthroughs, patient history, and medical data, predict the likelihood of a person contracting cancer.

Artificial intelligence is becoming the go-to tool to automate large volumes of data. This is far beyond just sorting the data into sets. It starts to look for trends and patterns and is becoming increasingly accurate in discovering these trends and patterns. This is enabling businesses to mine their data in ways never thought possible before. AI in healthcare has the potential to link medical data together to the benefit of human health.

AI taking the Load in Healthcare

Imagine if you had an automation at scale technology, able to take patient data in confidence. This would include who the patient was, gender, age, their current symptoms, and previous conditions before medical centre staff become involved. The data could be relayed to the doctor with suggestions or predictions on what the patient is suffering from.

How much of the workload would this free up? Consider:

    • Automation can already engage countless people simultaneously on social media channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It can engage while in active use on a website.
    • The data it receives can be quantified and stored. Would this not be invaluable to doctors in making both the diagnosis and to free up their workload? How many patients would not need to visit their doctor if they were given the right information from the automated doctor?
    • In an era when GP waiting times are rising exponentially having an AI assistant screening patients and booking them in is an invaluable resource.

AI is Already Making the Diagnosis

Recently, AI company IDx received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in America for its IDx -DR. This is the world’s first FDA approved artificial intelligence tool that can successfully diagnose diabetic retinopathy. It can operate on a large-scale analysing data and accurately determining if a patient has the condition.

IDx recently received $33m in funding to develop the platform. This platform enables IDx to add services to it as they are approved, considerably speeding up the deployment of new services around the world.

AI in healthcare is Learning

AI in healthcare is not just being fed reams of data on the human condition. It is learning how human beings speak and deciding how to respond to what it is being asked. This is called Natural Language Processing (NLP). This is enabling AI to be able to place in context what it is being said to it and respond. It is able to provide the right information and take appropriate action.

In a medical context, if the AI detected a patient was showing the early signs of cardiac arrest, it could tell the patient to try and relax while it contacted first responders forwarding the data it had retrieved.

AI in Medicine Challenging the World

Artificial Intelligence is not just improving our lives, it is challenging how we see us from a legal perspective. The EU is considering giving AI a legal status allowing them to sue or be sued.

Industries change completely as more and more AI is developed. Designers of AI systems are becoming more adept at deploying the AI in the right scenarios. For example, AI determines a possible eye condition, so it narrows its scope to eye conditions. This focus is making AI faster and more accurate.

In countries that operate private health insurance, if an AI determines a patient has more chance of contracting prostate cancer than most people, he or she may want to find an insurance company that has better services in this regard.

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Published November 2018

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